Griffins and Ginger Snaps

The only unfulfilled love I’m willing to talk about openly is writing. And the realization that the love affair will never be reciprocated hurts just as much as that first time someone came out and said, “I like you. I just don’t like-like you.”

Writing will never like-like me. I’m too old, and it’s not that I’m too old as much as born at the wrong time – the non-generation. I’m not a baby boomer. I’m not a Me. I’m too old to be a Gen-Xer. Or Y and Z for that matter. I missed the computer age – I didn’t even have a computer until I got married and I was forty-one before I actually owned my own – a laptop, which took me a year to finally use with any kind of regularity. My kids know the VCR as the machine next to the TV that has never…

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Loved it!!!

Blazing through oblivion

Dear Facebook,

It’s not you, it’s me. I need to figure things out. Like how you are sucking all my time and how you’re making me into someone I am not. Like how you make me hate myself as I skim through posts and pictures of my so-called “friends”. God, their lives are so perfect! Why is my life not as perfect as theirs? Am I the only one who have to deal with occasional bouts of jealousy and self-doubt every time I read about a “friend” who bought his own private jet, and another “close friend” who spent his holidays on the moon? I feel so pathetic.

Oh please, don’t stare at me with those wide pitiful eyes. That won’t work anymore. I know, things were going so great between us, and it’s such a shocker that I’m telling you this. But this has been on the back of…

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Music of Our Heart

 Find out more about Gary Clark Jr. who is getting a lot of deserved focus. I like this novel approach to the Webzine, multimedia content that Paste M Player has designed and delivered.

Click here to see it (you have to set up an account first which can start as free for 7 days). I chose the Facebook  Connect option (OpenID…).

Please note this is not a Responsive Design Web app. It is not usable today on the iPhone device. Perhaps in the future.

Use your favorite Web browser for now (mine is Google Chrome right now…)

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This was so funny and it totally distracted me from this election crap…thanks i enjoyed that. I am sitting here biting my nails its a very close election.

On The Road With Jim And Mary

The days of campaigning with a parade, red, white and blue bunting and a megaphone on the corner are gone.

I’ve worked the polls off and on most of my life. The very first house my husband and I bought, became the neighborhood polling place for the 10 years  we owned it.  The judge from that polling place always brought her “election cake” made with persimmons. It was her family tradition we enjoyed. What I remember most about those days, was friendly neighbors, most of whom I registered while pulling my first child along in a wagon from house to house.

Since being on the road with Jim,  one thing I miss is the great food we brought to the polling place in Murphys.  A veritable feast of a potluck is the tradition here. And, I miss meeting and greeting old friends I may only see once a year at…

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